• Testimonials

  • Excellent prompt service and they know what they are doing. Highly recommend.

    After getting a property under contract on the first day of a four-day holiday weekend I was able to not only get ahold of Mike with Cavalry Inspections, but found him willing to work with me to promptly get the inspection started. The inspector, Mike, was excellent. He has a wealth of knowledge and showed great forethought into solutions to the issues found. The inspector walked me through the entire property top to bottom, front and back, showing me all the details of what can be seen and what they mean. I had some very specific requests or concerns, and the inspector happily answered them all. The inspector granted me great knowledge into the property during the walk through. The report written up on the property mirrored the inspector's thoroughness and attention to detail on site. The write up was easy to read and understand.

    I would recommend this company to anyone who needs a property inspected and trust the knowledge behind the inspection.

    John E.

  • Mike was wonderful and accommodated my schedule to ensure I could get to closing quickly. In my case, the gas was not turned on in the home and he agreed to come back THE NEXT DAY after getting back from being out of town (he didn't even stop at home before coming to the property) to re-inspect those things that could not be tested on his first visit. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who asks!
    Thank you, Mike!

    Matt A.

  • Had my home inspected by Mike this morning. Fantastic experience. I was recommended to his company by my realtor and could not have been more satisfied. I called him up on the Monday before thanksgiving and he was able to come out the Wednesday before the holiday. He was very thorough and let me know of all the little details of my property. A lot of those details I had know idea about and can really save me some money down the road. I would definitely recommend this company if you need a good quality inspection. Thanks Mike!

    Jason L.

  • Cavalry Inspections is one of my favorite inspection companies. I recommend Mike to all of my clients as one of my top inspectors. Mike is professional, thorough, quick with his reports, and a heck of a nice guy. He is always more than helpful when a client has a question about his findings. He has never let me down in any way. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

    Brian S.

  • Michael does an excellent job. He communicates what he will do in advance, and then what he finds including both items of concern, and those not deficient. He is very thorough, and provides a detailed report that is easy to follow with integrated photos and explanations that help you dialogue and negotiate with the Seller. I would recommend him to every home Buyer.

    Mike M.

  • Michael was professional, timely, and extremely thorough - everything I was looking for without initially realising it! Highly recommend that you use him for any property inspections in the DFW area - your home purchase decision will be more informed.

    Cang T.

  • Mike was great! He took the time to check everything and explain things to us let us know how things work and things we can do to prevent issues in the future. Very thorough and well worth it! Very friendly as well not just one of those annoyed by questions and strait to the point types.

    Jeff F.